Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Smog. Week 102 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   I'm going to be honest I can't remember if the word I put as the subject is the one that means pollution or the Dragon from Lord of the Rings. I meant the pollution one. English is hard guys. I think English is much harder for a person to learn than 中文. Anyway that is enough excuses.

   Last week I think I mentioned that we had a Level 8 Typhoon warning and so church was cancelled which was unfortunate. This week the weather was strange. There has been very little wind and so the smog has just stayed in Hong Kong and it is gross! I will attach a video I took this week to show you.

   This week at Crossroads (The place that helps refugees and where we do service) Elder Fakatou and I ended up having to carry refrigerators up and down to the 4th floor! In total we moved 2 up to the 4th floor and 2 down from the fourth floor. I should also mention that there was no lift, and the weather was like 34 deg. (C) and 80% humidity. So there was some serious sweating going on. haha

   We also met with our less Active friend who plays baseball. He has been teaching me how to throw different pitches. This week he taught me how to throw a curve ball. That was fun. That is one of those things that I learned on my mission that I didn't think I would. 

   The rest of the week was pretty normal. Elder Stober had his member friends from TST come and bring us food. They bought us Ice cream!!!!! That was soooo good!!!!

   Other than that it was a pretty normal week. I have enjoyed the lack of meetings. I get to actually go out and work more so that is great. 

   We also said goodbye to the Summer missionary that was working with the Yuen Long Elders. That was sad. He was funny!

Love you all!!!!

Elder Walker

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