Sunday, January 17, 2016

I am still here. Week 22 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Before I forget I need to say that I will not be emailing next week but will the following Thursday as that is our Temple day.

   This is a fun fact from this last week. We had on Thursday three meetings with members from our ward. All three of which were named brother Chan. So we have to say their full name in order to keep them straight. There is also in total 6 brother Chan in my ward haha. Also we learned that the Cantonese word for Jedi is 長老, which is the same way to say "Elder" so that was cool.

   I had a fun realization this Friday. We were running back to our apartment after a lesson, when is say running I mean actually running, so that we could be back before 10. And I started smiling like an idiot and I realized that I was pretty much living out that dream everyone has at one time or another of being a spy. I was running, in Hong Kong through a secret tunnel in the Mall so that people wouldn't see me, in a suit, speaking a foreign language, after a meeting and running to get back to our secret apartment (yes it is secret most of the members don't even know where we live) before a crucially important deadline. I realized that that was and is the closest that I will ever come to being a 007 haha.

   This week I accidentally hurt one of the people we meet with feelings. He smokes and drinks a lot so his mind is pretty much fried so he really has the mind of a child left. Any way we were over at his house and the member made a comment about his necklace which was huge "jade" image. When the member asked how much he paid for it he said 200 which is really cheep (so it is fake) Then he started to pull out other "precious stones" and handing them to us. One was a bracelet which was supposed to be made of large stone beads. I looked at it and realized it had a bubble in it and it felt like plastic any way. So when I said that he took it back and examined it very closely and I saw that it upset him slightly. He handed me another bracelet to check and I said "no I don't know about this one, but I think it is real". He then spent the whole rest of the visit looking at the one I said was fake. So I'm not going to do that again haha. 

   Other than that it was a pretty standard week. It rained a lot and I went to sleep with the sound of rain on the window right next to my bed. That was really nice. Things Have stopped being strange to me here so that is great. It also means that I am not sure what you people would think would be funny or interesting haha. That is all for this week.

love you all,

Cool street view from last week in Mong Kok 

Cool sign I found. After I took it all the Chinese ladies that were working in there said my name a lot and pointed at me so that was amusing. 

It was kinda cold one of these last days and this is what Comp study turned into.

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