Sunday, January 31, 2016

Back Again Week 24 From Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well this was fast. Nothing much happened in the few days since I wrote last. However this time I will include the pictures from the last two weeks. 

   There were only two large things that happened both of which were yesterday. After Church the four missionaries in my ward met with the Bishop to discuss goals for this next month. That was a lot of fun. He is a really happy person and fun to joke around with. We have been struggling to find new investigators so that took up most of our meeting. There is a mission rule about "new years red packets" where if it is money we are not allowed to accept it. So most members know this and therefore dodge the rule by giving us coupons that we can use for groceries. However we told Bishop that what we really wanted was people to put contact information or times for a meeting with their friends so we could meet with them and start teaching more people.

   The other thing that happened yesterday was we were able to meet with the two ladies from Main land. We brought the Mandarin sisters with us and a ward member who had very good Mandarin. That was fun. I was able to understand what was happening and even share a little bit so that was really awesome. Supper hard though because I had to take the Mandarin and translate it to Cantonese and then to English. Good mental exercise though. 

   Chinese New year is starting and to participate in the Holiday today all we are doing is cleaning the apartment. It is called a "deep clean" so that should be a fun experience. We had pancakes for breakfast and will be eating out for the rest of our meals today because soon the air will be mostly bleach haha. We have masks so it is ok. Also I will not be able to e-mail next week until Thursday. Sorry. 


 Me and my new district leader and roommate

 A bad picture of my old district before the surprise move.  The sister in the middle is now home.

 Part of the monkey attack haha!

 Old roommates packing up before they had to leave (it was sad)

It was kinda cold this last week so our new roommates and I huddled around a heater which we had too keep on low to prevent the fuse from popping.

This mornings breakfast very good

Cleaning the refrigerator

Cleaning the Rolls Royce (if you don't understand why that is funny look up a picture of a Rolls Royce)

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