Thursday, January 28, 2016

Week 23 from Hong Kong

Gordon attended the Temple on Monday so his preparation day was moved to Thursday.

Hello all,

   SUPRISE MOVES AGAIN. That is the big news that changed from this week. We came home for dinner and our roommates were home and packing and asked if we could cook for them. They had less than 24 hours to pack up everything and move. We were all very sad. We had been living together since November and we were super tight. So that was lame. However our new roommates are awesome and are named "Elder Powel" (He is my district leader) and "Elder Taylor". I expect that we will get to be good friends too it will just take time to get back to that same place.

   This week was also marked by an event that I swore would never happen... I... Bought a Selfie Stick. It is a lot of fun and should hopefully generate more pictures of me and people so yeah that was interesting. I would show some of the pictures but I forgot my card reader so... next week! speaking of which this e-mail comes again from the mall in Kowloon Tong.

   Also this week we were at the church and helping one of the ward missionaries with his english homework and when we looked out the window there was a swarm of like 15 or 20 monkeys on the roof. Which is how I now know the word for monkey in Canto. I have a lot of pictures but... next week you can see them. It was a lot of fun to watch them run around and the cute baby monkeys.

   This week was also 2 degrees and raining so it was pretty cold when we went finding. I had a pair of PJ's on under my suit pants and two sweaters. I had to rotate hands holding the umbrella and in my pocket to avoid frostbite. So that was a good way to spice things up a little. While we were doing that we would have been fine had we kept moving. However we ended up talking to a man for an hour and a half on the street. He was realy cool to talk to and was asking all the right questions he just didn't listen to us and by the time we finished with him we were absolutely frozen. I didn't stop shivering until I got in to bed that night.

   Then another night we were finding we met two girls from Main Land. So they spoke Mandarin so when we started talking to them in Cantonese they were very confused. luckily for us we were able to speak to them in English. It was awesome!!! I decided that I love people from Mainland. It is because most of them have not heard gospel stuff before so when we tell them about it they say "that sounds awesome, I want to learn more!" They were also really cool because they called me "wo" which is my name in Mandarin and the same name my grandpa had. SO that was a really cool experience. We have another meeting with them scheduled for this Sunday where we will turn them over to the mandarin speaking sisters in my zone. Lots of fun. 

   This week I almost ate a pig foot. Me and my roommates wanted to try it because they got it from a member. So we thought it out and it was at that point that we realized that none of us knew how to cook it properly so we played it safe and went to McDonalds instead...

That is all from this last week. I will be emailing next Monday so I will see ya then!

Elder Walker

This picture was posted by another mom on the mission FB page.

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