Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 20 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well it is another week here in Hong Kong. For those of you who are wondering how you celebrate New Years as a missionary... you don't! haha. We were in bed and asleep at 11. The only thing that changed was that Church is at a different time and now I write 2016 on forms and things. 

   Ok this letter is going to primarily take the form of a story that I will get to in a moment. There is some news though with regard to the mission. Every "move" or period of 9 weeks we get to go to the temple. Usually this is just a district at a time and it is awesome! However this month it will be the entire Zone. After which there will be a 2 hour broadcast training form Salt Lake. Which means that either 1 we are getting Ipads, or 2 Mainland is opening, or 3 it is just a broadcast from Salt Lake. We are thinking it is either 1 or 3. So that will be really nice if we can use Ipads. 

   Here goes the story. So we are currently teaching a part member family the Leun family. They are shall we say interesting. The youngest daughter, who is still older than me, has been to several of our ward activities and so every once and a while we will go over to their house and she will teach us to bake something so that we can in turn teach it in our baking class on Saturdays. So this Friday we went over and we brought a member Joe who is an RM who served in California so is English is very good and he has been asking to come out with us so this was our first time using him. So we go over to the families house and Joe texts us and says that he is going to be a little late. This is no problem it happens every once and a while. However when we walked in we met the brother who we have never seen before. He was very nice anyway so we were talking kinda loud being excited that they were going to teach us some thing. Now usually the brother and Father are working so this was our first time seeing them. So we asked where the dad was and they pointed to one of the beds in the room. (That is normal here) and we saw him asleep on the bed. So needless to say we stopped talking so loud. They had us sit down and it was at this moment I noticed that the youngest daughter who comes to the activities some times had what I described in my journal as "a profound lack of pants" this meaning that she was in as near as makes no difference her underwear. It was at about this time that our member showed up. While he was introducing himself the dad who was still asleep sat bolt upright and looked at the clock and jumped off the bed and left the house quite violently. So that was interesting. Then when we asked what we were going to make they said that they didn't have any stuff to make today but that the brother and sister could go buy some stuff. So they left. This is about half hour into the lesson. So we chatted for a while. I couldn't understand most of it. Apparently it was mostly slang and various forms of obscenity. So that went on for about 40 min. Then the brother and older sister came back and said that they didn't have the stuff and that they bought stuff for sushi and if we wanted to come back the next day we could learn to make sushi. So since we had to get back home soon and our member was getting quite uncomfortable we decided to share a quick message and then run. So we asked "what are yalls feelings towards church?" (yall translates great in to canto.) and they went on a very long story about how they went to one where when they prayed there was loud thumping music and lots of lights and lots of people fainting (And people call us a cult haha). So that took another hour. and we got out of there. Our member then told us that he didn't want to come back the next day and we said that was fine. 

  The next day we went back and took the sister missionaries with us and it went great and we all learned how to make sushi and had a great time. We felt bad for out member so this last Sunday night we made cookies and brought them over to him. SO that made for an interesting week. I dare any one to beat that.

   I also learned a fun Chinese idem this week it is: "Taking your pants off to fart" which means "To do something unnecessary". which is a completely fine thing to say at the dinner table haha.

ok that's all for this week I hope everyone had a good new year!

love you all,
Elder Walker

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