Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 38 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

This week I am very excited because I will be skyping with my family very soon!!! like in a little over an hour. Also Happy mother's day Every one! 

   This last week was not that eventful. Last p-day we went to the Island and had some pizza which is rare here so that was fun! We also went to the longest Escalator in the world which was... like ok. The funny thing is that it goes up a mountain, and then there is only normal stairs down! So that was funny.

   One day this week We were out finding and a person asked if I was born in Hong Kong. So That made me feel really good. I guess my Chinese is not as trash as I thought it was. Which is nice.

   This week it also started to get hot. Like really Hot! And it is only May. SO I am really afraid for the real summer... I have seen the stains on some elders shirts and that does not look like a good time. 

   I also learned this week that there is a restaurant in Sha Tin (Where I live now) that was one of Bruce Lee's favorites! so that was a fun fact. Sorry this week is so boring... I will take better notes for this next week!

Love you all,
Elder Walker 

This is a video we took of Elder Walker while we Skyped with him on Mother's Day!  It's a shout out to his Grandma and Grandpa Beck and a good indication of how well he's doing with the Cantonese Language!  The video quality of our connection was questionable but we could hear him just fine!

This is my new companion and trainee Elder Chapman

This is a repair shop in my area (Yes that is a Ferrari) 

 This is elder Merrill after being thrown from (and breaking) the chair 

fancy picture of the same thing

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