Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 41 from Hong Kong

This week was full of lots of great adventures!

   The first was that because of Tyrone from last week we were able to have a lot of really good food for dinner. One of my favorites was Grilled Cheese!!!! I haven't had one of those in a long time and it was amazing! We also had a lot of egg salad. There was also a new experiment that we named Peanut butter Chicken. It is surprisingly good. 

   Then this last Saturday I had forgotten about the service at the mentally disabled/handicapped place so the bishops wife called us in the morning and reminded us. That was a lot o fun. The problem is that it is from 3:30 to 4:30 and it takes exactly a half hour to walk (walk fast) back to the church for English class at 5:00. I was really glad that we had set it up before we went to the service. The problem was that it got out with 10 min till 5. So we thought that is not a problem we can just grab a Taxi. However it was raining quite hard. So we were unable to get a taxi despite chasing a few down. So we had to run back through the rain and the mall was supper crowded so we got to English class half hour late and completely drenched! All the moms were quite amused. 

   This last week we also got some sweet pens that announce the 2 new stakes in Hong Kong. They have QR codes on them and a scroll that rolls out. I will have to take a picture and show it next week.

   Also on Thursday I went on exchanges to Tai Wai with Elder Powell (My Zone Leader). That was the first time since moving to Sha Tin that I have done missionary work outside of Sha Tin so that was very refreshing. It was really fun. We went "LA finding" Which is where the ward will give the missionaries a list of names that they want us to visit. So we did that in a place called a "village" which means that the houses are spiraled out all over the place and the numbers that function as the address don't have any relevance to the ones next to it. So we knocked on this one house because we were pretty sure that that was the one we were looking for. The lady on the other side was very mean. She would not even let us say a full sentence. We were just trying to ask if it was house number 50 and she just kept saying "I don't want to hear your message, get out I will call the Cops" and we kept saying "We don't want to tell you our message we just want to know if this is house 50". So eventually we just left. We decided to try the next one and his door was see through and he was just standing in the middle of the room in a very revealing speedo. We had a very similar experience there. So long story short, we did not find house 50. 

   This week we also had Zone Conference and that was awesome! We are all stoked for next week because that is when the 2 new stakes come into effect and we will see what changes will be happening! 

Love you all, Hope your week was as interesting as mine was! 

Elder Walker

Me and Elder Powell on exchanges waiting for an investigator to show up

We (The Zone leaders and I) were doing reports in the living room and one of the offices so that meant that Elder Chapman was in an office by himself. So when there was a break in the reports we went in to check on him and found him like this:

There was a big Thomas the Tank Engine thing in the mall and it made me really happy!

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