Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 40 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well this week was interesting. I was able to get a "three generation" picture with my trainee and my trainer. In the mission we say that your trainer is your dad and your trainee is your son. So that was kinda cool. I'll attach that at the end.

   This last Monday we met a man in the mall who came up to us and said he wanted to meet with us. So this last Wednesday we met him and he bought us breakfast. That was fun. His name is Tyrone and I will add a picture of him at the end. So we were just talking and he told us that he had recently moved to Spain. He is originally from HK so I asked him why he moved there and he said "Well my husband moved there so I followed him"... so that was not what I expected. But meh he was a nice guy and was asking really good questions so that was great. He then said that he wanted to come to church with his dad. So we talked about it a bit and explained where it was and what time it started and such. Then we said goodbye. Then the next morning he called us while I was in the shower and said he wanted to meet so Elder Chapman scheduled him. So he bought us breakfast again and then we went to the church and showed the Patterns of Light videos. That was really good. At the end of that meeting he said that he wanted to meet on Friday morning and buy us breakfast again and all buy us groceries. SO that was very nice.  

   We met him Friday morning and ate with his dad. We had congee which is like Japanese oatmeal. It was pretty good. Then he took us out and bought groceries. He, despite our objections spent almost $2,000 on steak and ice cream and fruit! It was absolutely amazing! It was enough that we had to get it delivered to our house! It was like Christmas morning allover again! haha too cool. He ended up not coming to church because he got sick all of a sudden but he also gave us a bunch of old ties so now I have a lot of gay man ties haha. They will make good cannon fodder for the summer. 

   Also last week Elder Chapman got a haircut and it is tradition that the trainer tells the trainee the word for shorter and then lets him figure it out. It turned out rather well. 

   Then Last night we were over at a members house (Chan wei). and we were talking just about normal stuff. And then they told us how they all got their names form an elder a few years ago and sister Chan sad that she didn't have one and said that if we wanted to we could give her one so that will be fun. 

Yeah those were my big adventures this week so I hope this next one is just as eventful. 

Love you all,
Elder Walker

This is Tyrone

This is announcing the two new stakes in HK!!! it says come see the historical event in the church in Hong Kong.

 the three generation 

cool building 

BLT's!!! supper good!!!

Elder Merrell Praying with a bottle of sprite balanced on his head (I put it there)

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