Monday, August 15, 2016

HIS FACE!!! Week 52 from Hong Kong!!! 1 year down (on the 19th!)

Hello all!

   I hope that everyone had a good week. We certainly did! I will start this week off with something amusing I discovered in my Language study. The word for Satan and the word for beach are really close. So one must be careful when you say that you are "taking your family to the beach" because you might say "taking your family to Satan" hahaha I though that was really funny.

   Our Blind investigator is doing well. He couldn't come to church this week but all of the ward members have latched onto him and really like him. The only problem that we have is sometimes he says strange things because he is a little socially awkward. That is just because he doesn't have that much time to talk with people. But that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

   Last P-day we went to the island to one of the secret missionary spots to get really cheep hand picked fabric and lining and tailored suits. I didn't get one but Elder Powell is nearing the end so he got one. The coolest part was that we took the ferry back to TST!!!! (Tsim Sha Tsui) it was so cool!!! the last time I was on a boat I was going from Canada back to the US over a year ago. I got a really cool video. And it was just our luck that an old style fishing boat was out so w e got cool pictures of that and massive buildings in the back ground. So that was cool! 

   I also got the opportunity to do another baptismal interview! This time it was for Tom. He was supper cool. I decided he needed a little more time before getting baptized though. We were discussing repentance and when I asked him if he had done anything he felt bad about I was expecting him to just say yes... but instead he launched in to a story about how he once put his moms car in the washing machine. Then he started laughing. He said it was when we was very young. So that was interesting haha.

   Ok so you are all probably wondering why the subject of this e-mail is HIS FACE!!! Well I'll tell you. This last Friday we had our zone sports night and we invited a man named Brother Tsui(the HD is short hand for the word brother in Cantonese so that is why I will write it like that). Tsui HD is a less Active member who does a lot of drugs, so we thought that a little light sports would be good for him, and it would be two hours that he wouldn't be smoking. So he agreed. We went to Kowloon Tong for the activity and met him there. We started off in the gym shooting baskets, he wasn't very good at that so we moved on to ping pong. He was pretty good at that, so that was fun. Then outside on the brick parking lot we were playing catch with an American foot ball. Which is really funny to watch Chinese people try to catch and throw. So Tsui HD is not very coordinated because he did lots of drugs. So one time the ball got thrown right between his feet. and he bent down to get it and fell out of his shoe. And very, very slowly from a nearly squatting position made no attempt to stop himself and fell FLAT ON HIS FACE AND THEN SLID 6IN!!!!! Not gonna lie it was really hard not to laugh. Elder Powell said "I have never seen a grown person do that. only very small children who are learning to walk." So Tsui HD just laid there until we ran over and rolled him over to expose his now bleeding face. So we picked him up and took him into the mission office and administered first aid. He went home with a big bandage on his forehead and nose. We all felt really bad but he said that he wanted to come next time. 

   So yeah that was an interesting week this week. 

Love you all,

Elder Walker

Gordon says these videos all explain themselves

These are the sisters in Sha Tin with us. left is sister Nettles and right is sister Lo

These will be buildings and cool shots like that

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