Monday, August 8, 2016

TYPHOON!!! Week 51 from Hong Kong

Hello ALL!

   Well this week had many great adventures. The most notable was a fantastic miracle! So last week I talked about Justin. We were talking with him on Friday night 2 weeks ago and he asked for clarification on how to fast. So we explained it to him and he was like "sweet I am going to fast on Monday for my parents hearts to soften so they will let me be baptized" So we decided that we would do it with him. So last P-day we fasted and went and played a game of soccer with some missionaries and members. That was hard but the Lord heard the fasting pleas of 6 missionaries and a 17 year old boy and the next day his parents signed the form and gave permission for him to be baptized! So that was sweet! Supper good testimony builder.

   Then on Monday night we got a text form the mission office announcing a typhoon level 8 signal and ordered us home until further notice. So on Tuesday morning we woke up to a huge typhoon slamming in to the side of the house. Bad news was that we left a window open because someone was using the dryer and the exhaust was going out side and... yeah... our office was a bit damp. Luckily nothing too bad so that was great! we still were not allowed outside so we just walked around the mall and looked at the storm and the wind blowing the doors open. For some reason the lifts were all not functioning as well, but yeah. We found a place that let us go outside and we ran like 20 feet and back just to say that we went running in a level 8 typhoon. Little note on typhoon warnings there are only 3 8 and 10. and we had an 8 and it was huge!!! Elder Daplin of the Philippines said that he remembered when a level 8 hit his home town and killed 1,000 people. so they are strong storms. I will send some pictures of the damage.

   Then I have some funny stories about Nadeem our blind investigator. He said that he wants to be baptized at the end of the month so that will be fun. He also thinks my hair is orange... which is funny. He also was talking as we were leading him back to the train station he said (In Cantonese) "I like American girls they are much more pretty than Hong Kong girls"... remember he is blind, so I asked him "wait you are blind, how do you know?" and he said in English "mommy told me" so that was really funny.

   Then we met and taught a crazy man who after the lesson was walking with us and said that he could jump over a fence. So he did. like 12 times back and forth. He then punched a bunch of poles to show us that he is in his own words "strong and gracefull, like a gazelle". haha so that was funny.

So yeah it was a great week this week. 

Love you all,
Elder Walker

A video of their new apartment buddy!

Some of you know that I am not a sweaty person. So take this as it is really, really hot here.

Typhoon pictures

tree in the pond

right in half

  big tree knocked over

Massive snail. About the size of​ my palm.

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