Monday, August 22, 2016

Things. Week 53 from Hong Kong

Hello all!

  This week was a fairly normal one. We got a Typhoon again. It was only level three this time so it was just annoying. It rained every day this week though for the most part. 

   This week we had EEFY (English Especially For Youth) That was fun. It was a two hour activity from 2-4 Tuesday through Thursday. There were only minimal injuries so that was good. Good solid activity. 

   I got a hair cut last night. That was the sketchiest hair cut I have gotten in a while. I had Elder Daplin do it. It turned out ok. It took a few tries but I think that it came out just great. I will attach pictures at the end. 

 I think the biggest news for this week by far is that I hit my one year mark. That feels so weird!!! We had district meeting on Friday because of the EEFY. So there was Elder Daplin, Sister Lo, Sister Nettles and I that had our "hump day" together. So Elder Daplin made a mango float and it was soooooooo good! I need to learn how to make those before I come home! That evening I had planed to eat with the Tai Wai elders and go to a mildly nice restaurant. But they had a dinner appointment so we were just having toast for diner and they called us and told us to get to the church because they felt bad. So we ran over there and joined them and the Tai Wai sisters  for dinner. All of which was cooked by Tanner Lau who is their ward mission leader. He had cooked Mexican food!!! It was so good. I haven't had Mexican food in forever! So that was fun. I really enjoyed that. Then we stayed after and helped clean everything up.

   In this year I have sweat harder than ever before. Studied harder than ever before. Walked further everyday than before. Traveled farther than ever before. Prayed harder than ever before. Ate more than ever before. Learned to Love a people more than ever before. Laughed harder than ever before. And I have been happier than ever before. I can honestly say that I loved my first year of consecrated service to the Lord and I am Looking forward to more of the same in this next year. 

Love you all,
Elder Walker

Video of catching the tiny lizard

Video of Elder Powell getting a haircut by Elder Daplin

One year stuff. (the Camel is because it is "HUMP DAY!")

Elder Chapman fell asleep on the train

Lizard that we found when setting up for EEFY 

Hair Cut

mini Light rail MTR up in the new T's

You can't see it but that is a rainstorm and covered by the clouds is Mainland China

Day one of EEFY

Day three of EEFY

I didn't understand this advertisement


a less active wanted to see where I lived. I now Know how to say Newberg in Cantonese


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