Tuesday, August 30, 2016

NEWS!!! Week 54 from Hong Kong

Hello all!

   Well I had some stories to tell but then we got move calls last night. I am not gonna lie the whole district was pretty upset. We all get along really well and we are all really sad to see people move. I was hoping to make it one year in Sha Tin but moving on is just as good. That totals 10 months in Sha Tin. I understand that moves are the will of the Lord and that we must be humble enough to accept them. I am very excited to move to Tai Po (Just a few stops north on the East Rail Line) and apply the things that I have learned here. I loved serving as a district leader, I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. I was disappointed to have to stop but if some one else can learn what I learned then all the better. I am just as excited to re-focus on the basics of missionary work. And really sharpen my language and teaching skills. Also my new companion is named Elder Jensen! He is the best. I am really looking forward to working with him. We Also will be white washing that area. SO that will mean a lot of work, but that's ok. He will be my first white companion since the MTC. So I guess every year I will get a White one haha. My Old MTC companion will be taking my place in Sha Tin so that will be great!

   Also we reported to our Ward Mission Leader that President Lam is concerned about the missionary work specifically in Sha Tin. The ward mission Leader then reported it in PEC to the bishop. So last Sunday (yesterday) the bishop smashed the ward. It was really great. He got up at the end of sacrament meeting and he talked about how the work is not and has not really been progressing and talked about how there are "4 great and very diligent missionaries" in Sha Tin and also that a missionarie's job is to teach and the responsibility of the ward to find. It was really great. I was very impressed with his response to the information which he received. I think it really woke him up to the needs of the ward.

   Other than that we had a great week and finished our EEFY That was a lot of fun. We had 6 days of fun and games. On the last day Elder Daplin was playing with some electrical wire. He used to rope cows in the rodeo back in the Philippines. So naturally I asked him to rope me up! it was really funny I got a good video of it that I will have to attach.  He attached it but it was in a different format and we couldn't open it!

   We also called a man who wanted to learn English. Elder Chapman was talking to him (in English) and the man got mad and said he wanted to talk to Americans in English and not Hong Kong people... Elder Chapman is from California. So that was really funny.

   We also got a call this last week which informed us that sister Nettles was in the Hospital and wanted a blessing. So we dropped everything and went over to give her a blessing. She was ok and discharged that day. Apparently it was some kind of abdominal muscle issue. I am not super sure. Then last night it was 10:45 and we were getting ready to jump in bed and we got a call from the sisters. Now we are not allowed to call after 10:30 so we answered and all yelled the word for apostate in Chinese and hung up. They immediately called again and I was like aww crap in is an emergency. Sister Nettles wanted another blessing. So we called President Lam and got permission to go over to the sister's house past curfew and give a blessing. So we changed back into missionary attire and that is what we did. That was fun because we were able to be out late. Also because giving blessings is awesome!

   I didn't sleep well last night. Probably just nerves about moving. I am really not looking forward to packing. That is going to be rough.

Love You All!
Elder Walker

me after being tied up by elder Daplin

anyone recognize that font? We are scratching our heads...

package I got from my family!!! I love those!

 pillow case I got from my family. It is not a great picture It is a "hug from home" pillow case.

part of EEFY

my selfie of nothing

one of my favorite members from Sha Tin. he is brother Chan wei. He is the member who gives me peanuts. I will miss him and his awesome family

Last picture of the Sha Tin crew. the super short one is sister Lock. She is a summer missionary

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