Monday, October 3, 2016

General Conference. Week 59 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This was an interesting food week. I will start of by saying that for us General Conference will be this next weekend! It is a week behind the real one because it needs to be translated in to Cantonese. I will get to watch it in English so that will be great, (For those who do not know that is when the prophet and apostles and other people talk and we get to receive council from God. It is awesome) 

   Also If every thing goes according to plan we will have 3 baptisms this month. So that will be great for everyone involved. Speaking of which we were teaching one of the families and the husband offered to feed us dinner. So we being poor and near the end of the month decided to let him. He took us to a restaurant that had a menu in only Characters. Which means that I couldn't read it. Scriptures yes, but menus no. So I decided to be brave and just get what Mr. Lau was getting. He got something called nagh jap mihn. Which I anticipated being some kind of beef noodles. To be fair that is what it was however it was noodles, cow stomach, cow intestine, cow kidney, cow liver, and various other organs that I did not want to try to identify. Mr. Lau was quite surprised that I was able to eat it. He kept saying that If I didn't like it I could get something else. However I endured to the end and all was well. It wasn't all that bad. Good, no but not too bad. So that was an experience.

   Then the other food story is a much better tasting story. In total I spent 6 hours making cookies. This is because we are teaching a former Investigator and she would only meet with us if we would make cookies with her. She went to a cooking school for sweets and such, which is to say that she can make some good Cookies! They were absolutely fantastic! She also bought most of the ingredients so that was a plus. Making cookies also gave us a great metaphor on which to build our lessons. So that was a lot of fun. haha. We will just have to spend much less time doing that in the coming week. 

Love you all,
Elder Walker

I went on exchanges with my district leader Elder Darrington, he is a  Mandarin speaking missionary. So that was fun.

the nagh jap mihn  (Okay, I can barely look at this!  I don't know how he ate it!)


cool 10,000 Buddha statues

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