Monday, October 24, 2016

2 Typhoons!!!! Week 62 from Hong Kong

Hello All,

   This week has had a lot of interesting things happen. I will cover as many as I can.

   Well first off this week has been insanely wet!!! 2 typhoons! that is a lot of rain. I am from Oregon, I know rain, this week we had a LOT. 

   So I can't remember if I mentioned it last week. But our washing machine broke, so we told the sisters and they said that they would wash our clothes if we would throw their fridge away. So we aren't dumb so we took that deal. It was pretty easy, all we did was run over to their house and use our exercise time to take it to the dump about 100 meters from their house. The funny thing was that we got around the corner and a homeless woman asked what we were doing with it. We told her that we were throwing it away and that it was full of mold and cockroaches. However she insisted that we leave it on the street with her. So we did. I think she wanted to recycle it for money or loot the brass from it or something. I am not sure. We went by a few days later and it was gone and I didn't ask what she did with it.

   So the first typhoon was on a day that Elder Garcia and I were on exchanges. It was only a class 3 so we could go out side. Since it was an exchange there was no point in staying home and doing paper work. So we went out and made an attempt at finding. I got more wet in those few hours than I have in the last year easy. My shoes were wet for 3 days. I finally had to turn the heater on them and leave them in the bathroom for a whole day. It was 37 in there. it was awful. I am not sure but I think that the rain might have stained my bag. Meh I don't really care, it kinda adds character.

   The other typhoon was a class 8 so that means that we had to stay inside a whole day. It was terrible. It was so boring. We live in a small house and we had spent the whole day before in the house, and our house is quite small.... so we had a good case of cabin fever. 

   Then this Sunday we had a nice man from Japan come to church. His name was brother Suzuki. He was very nice and was in HK for business and got delayed because of the typhoon so he decided to come to church. that was fun. Luckily since he is a business man he had really good English. And since my companion falls asleep in church quite often I was put in charge of translation. That went really well. 

   Today we had a mission tour! IT was sick! Elder Wong of the first quorum of the 70 presided and gave trainings. It was fanatic!!! It was hilarious! He is supper funny. He is from HK and I served in his home ward of Sha Tin for a long time. His English is great and has a great accent. 

Love you all!!!!!
- Elder Walker

My family had a family reunion and this is me with the picture of them from that and me in the same shirt haha fun. 

Elder Garcia and I on exchange 

the rain

some damage from my the level 8 typhoon

Elder Garcia and I made a vain attempt at water proofing our shoes by putting paper towels in the bottom and trash bags around our socks. It worked for a while but not for as long as I would have liked.

drying socks 

eating the Skeleton shaped Cheetos we sent him in his last box.  He said he used chopsticks to keep his fingers clean.

KBQ from last p-day (Korean BBQ)

possibly the last picture with me and elder Powell =(

This is where I am e-mailing from right now.

This is where the mail goes and how we receive it in the mission office. 

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