Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween and Move Calls. Week 63 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   OK this week was pretty normal. So I will just apologize for not having any fantastic stories to share.  We love ALL the stories he shares!

In the Title Gordon mentioned Move Calls.  Looks like he will be getting a new companion but will be staying in the same area.

   I guess I can start by talking about how this week we went Less Active finding. We had a lot of extra time so we decided to go up into the hills and try and find some people that we had not seen at church in a few years and see if there was anything we could do to help or serve them. That was fun. The problem was that there were many dogs. However I learned from the boy scouts to be prepared so I brought my Chinese fan with me... to use as a club or to make myself suddenly seem much larger. I didn't have to use it so that was good. I did get charged by a dog though. I knew that running was a bad idea, and I saw that there was a chain on it so I was just banking on the fact that the chain was shorter than the distance between us was. And I was right!!! so that was good. Other than that it was a pretty area. I will attach some photos.

   We also came home one day and learned that our roommates had  made a piñata. I guess it was for some ward's Halloween party. So that was funny.

   It also got quite hot. I looked at my thermometer on my desk when the sun was on it and it said 35 Degrees! (95 degrees Fahrenheit) That is very, very warm when you add humidity. We lucked out however and it got kinda chilly the last day or two. I think it dropped down to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. So that was fun.

   The Mandarin elders also came home with some strange mainland money. It is made from aluminum and floats! They feel like fake kids money but I guess it is real currency. I had some fun playing with that because I did not believe that they could float. It is true they really do float. 

   Then this last Friday we got to go to the Temple!!! It was supper nice! I will attach a picture of my new district. it was nice and AC inside and hot and muggy outside so my camera fogged up. The temple is just the best I wish I could go more often.

  Have a spooky Halloween!

Elder Walker

Class 3 Typhoon rain on the street where they live

Class 3 Typhoon Rain (This one might make you a little seasick)

In the hills of Tai Po

Pretty Picture

Typhoon Rain

Dogs from Less Active Finding

Less Active Finding

Halloween Piñata 

floating mainland money



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