Monday, October 10, 2016

Food Poisoning and Apostles. Week 60 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This was yet another week of miracles in Hong Kong! Investigator wise Andy the Taxi driver is doing well. We taught him the law of chastity and he was like "Well duh..." and we agreed. I am super excited for his baptism this month if everything goes well.

   Well as the title suggests I got a dose of food poisoning. That just happens if you serve here. It is just a matter of when. The sad thing was that it was my favorite dish that got me. I just woke up at 2:30 in the morning with the sudden realization that I needed to puke and puke NOW. So I climbed down off the top bunk and went into the bathroom and rocketed the contents of my stomach into the toilet. Not fun. I was also worried because the next day was conference. Luckily it was only that session of puking and only mild diarrhea. So that was nice.   Sorry everyone.... TMI!

   With the passing of conference also passes the AC and going outside without a suit coat. So that means a lot more sweating. Luckily we got a text this morning that said that if the temperature is more than 24 degrees centigrade then we don't have to wear a suit coat. Which is nice because it really won't get cooler till December. 

   General Conference was fantastic!!!! I got 10 pages of notes that I am excited to apply to the work. I also was able to have all my questions answered. That was really cool. I just love general conference. It is also crazy to think that I only have one more on my mission!!! Time is flying! way way too fast! For breakfast on Sunday morning we had pancakes! It was really good. We made everything from scratch. Including the syrup. We didn't even try to make it maple flavor that just wasn't going to happen. So we made it vanilla flavored and it was great!!!! 

That is all for this week! 

Elder Walker

Cool view from a door we were knocking.

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