Monday, October 17, 2016

The Sisters have my underwear. Week 61 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well this week has been an interesting one. Most of our Investigators were in Mainland this week, which makes it hard for us to teach them. It looks like only one of our anticipated three baptisms will be happening this month. I am just really glad that we might be able to help Andy (Taxi driver) get there. He was doing great and accepting everything, until we got to tithing. So now he is having his trial of faith before his baptism. I just really hope this goes well. I think it will. The problem is that he is not a very rich man and he is afraid of not being able to provide for his family if he gives 10% to the Lord. We Explained that all would be well but that he would need to trust God. He said he was going to fast about it. So I am excited for that.

   Well on another note as the title suggests we are having washing machine issues!!!! We realized that it was broken when it started leaking water all over the floor. So we called around and someone told us about a valve that we should open at the bottom to let the extra water out. So I was making some hot Chocolate and Elder Darrington opened the thing and water gushed out! we were really afraid that it was going to come out of the kitchen. Luckily our kitchen has a drain in it so the water just sort of went away. It was lucky that most of us had enough clothes to last the week. So we were quite concerned when the repair man came and told us that we were going to have to get a new one. Therefore last night we realized that we were mostly out of clothes. So Elder Darrington called the Sisters and asked if they would be willing to wash our clothes for us. They agreed on the condition that we help them throw away their old fridge. To which we gladly agreed. So this morning we ran over and gave them bags of laundry. hahaha. That was strange. Really, really strange. I am really interested to see if my socks come back folded or not haha. 

   We also invited the Tai Wo elders over for dinner and hand made tacos. Those were really, really good. The Tai Wo elders live way out of there area and we live really close to their area. So we gave them a key and invited them to store food and just come over and cook if they wanted to. 

   This week was not too exciting but it certainly was entertaining! 

Elder Walker

Taco Night!

Washing machine issues

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