Monday, January 2, 2017

Baptism one! Week 72 from Hong Kong

Hello Every one,

   This week went quite well. I might actually go as far as to say that this was the best week in my mission. We got a lot of referrals from ward members and a few of them were very golden. Problem is that most of them do not live in our area so we will have to work on getting those turned over here soon. 

   The best thing that happened by far was the fact that our Investigator Lisa got baptized this week!!! She has been investigating for 16 years. So we were the end of a very long chain of missionaries to teach her. The service went quite well. We had a lot of her friends and family come too. That was a lot of fun. We also promised while we were teaching her that we would sing at her baptism. SO us and the primary got up to sing and it went really badly. haha the piano turned in to an organ and the kids had no Idea what was happening haha. Other than that nothing huge happened.  During the ordnance her feet came up. And (Elder Taylor baptized her) because Elder Taylor did not know how to say bend your knees in Chinese so he just stepped on her feet haha that was funny. Then she took like 20 min to change her clothes and come back out. 

   Earlier in the week elder Harding and I went on exchanges. I went to his area and slept at his house that was fun but we had an awful day together. One of their investigators with a baptismal date got "anti-ed" and another investigator gave back a book of Mormon. I have never had that happen. That's ok though.

   Elder Darrington also had his birthday so we bought him a cake. I will attach a video. 

   Also it is supper weird that it is 2017!!!! I left in 2015. It seems like time is flying by! I hope everyone had a good new year!!!

   Yeah so not a whole lot to say but this was a really good week.   

Elder Walker

Singing Happy Birthday to Elder Darrington

dim sum for Elder Darrington's birthday Thank you to his parents!!!

Me and Elder Taylor. We spent a few language studies working on how to say the baptismal prayer in Cantonese

 Us Lisa and the stake president

This is to prove that it happened in China!

This was parked out by the church this week

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