Monday, January 16, 2017

This week in Paradise. Week 74 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This was a great week. We had lots of lessons and lots of things go really well. We had an amazing p-day. Elder James scheduled us to go and cruse around Central on the Island. This was made even more awesome by the fact that he served in HK as a young missionary in the early 1960s. So he took us around and gave us a really neat tour. One of the things he took us to see was the old Asia area office. It was the former house of the man who tutored the man who became known as Chairman Mao and Shang Kai Shek (The man who kinda started Taiwan) The church bought it in the 1960s and used it as missionary housing and as a chapel. So Elder James was taking us around and showing us the way that things used to be. I started talking to one of the guards when elder Taylor went to use the bathroom and she was surprised that I could speak Chinese which is normal, but when I explained that the old man that was with us used to live in that building she nearly fell over. So she and Elder James had a nice chat. One of the conditions when the church sold the building in 2004 was that they had to remember the church used the building. So there were fun hints of that all around.

   Then he took us to a cool Chinese Baih Shan Temple. That was supper cool. He explained how important patience is in helping people go from that to Christ. It is a lot different so we need to be patient when people don't understand stuff like that. I have a video or two I will have to attach. 

   Then this week I went on Exchange to Ma On Shan with elder Stone. He is one of the new district leaders in Tolo so I was just checking up on him and seeing how we can better serve him. He is a really funny guy so that exchange was a blast!!! 

   I have gotten more used to my new responsibilities as a Zone Leader now so that is good. haha. I am just really tired. 

  Also to our great joy it got a bit chilly this week. about 61 F. So that was a nice relief. once it gets warm again I am going to send home all my cold weather stuff. That will hopefully make things a bunch lighter. 

Other than that it was just a really solid week. 

Love you all,
Elder Walker

All of us and Elder James

The old church building

Chinese Baih Shan Temple

Videos from inside the Chinese Baih Shan Temple

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