Monday, January 23, 2017

Exchanges. Week 75 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   First off I don't think that there is spell check on this computer this week so we might be in for a nice treat. haha good luck trying to read this. 

   This week was pretty standard. Elder Darrington and I had to go to the other district leaders district meeting. That was fun. They are all really good. One of the district leaders asked us to give a training when we came. So we were talking about finding people to teach. So we wrote the word "referral" on our legs and made some joke about thinking outside the "socks" and then rolled our pants up and showed it off. haha it was really funny.

   Then I went on exchange with Elder Lee. He is a native from HK so I got to listen to nice Cantonese all day, as opposed to most trainees. haha.

Elder Taylor is great and he is really funny and we all love him. So that is great.

   This Friday we got to go to the Temple and that is awesome!!! While we were coming down we saw a very, very tall man in the dressing room. Turns out it was Bishop Christopher Waddell. I am not sure if I spelled his name right. Anyway he is the presiding bishop of all the church and spoke in a broadcast to all the missionaries awhile a go. He was really nice so we got to speak to him for a few min. That was cool.

   Then that Friday night we got invited over to the Lau family for dinner. They have a daughter that just got back from her mission in LA. They are a lovely family. The food was great too. It was a little weird because one of the missionaries we went with knew the daughter in the MTC... and the clock keeps ticking.

   I also got to say goodbye to one of the sisters in my group. She was going home a little early for school. But it is still weird to see her go.

   Yeah it was a pretty normal week. Today as per the Chinese tradition we are going to spend all day cleaning our house and re-arraigning the furniture.

Happy new year!!!!

Elder Walker

bad picture of us and the rest of the district

Elder Darrington writing on my leg

me and Elder Lee

me and my district leader Elder Harding

us, our roommates and the Lau family

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