Monday, January 9, 2017

New Responsibilities. Week 73 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This was an interesting week. On Tuesday we received move calls in their fullness. My companion elder Taylor and I will be staying together! I am really pumped for that. The interesting thing is that this move instead of the normal 9 weeks will be 5 weeks. That is so that we can get back with the rest of the world and do 6 week moves. This also means that the Missionaries in the MTC will now be there for 12 weeks. So this one will feel super fast. I was also called to be a Zone Leader. This means that me and Elder Darrington are step companions and Zone Leaders together. 

   SO what that means is that this week was ridiculously busy and stressful. So I got a hair cut. Lets just say that it is definitely not the best one I have ever had. It is kind of a tradition in the Tolo Zone to get a bad haircut right after getting the call to be zone leader. Elder Darrington gave me this one. It is a good hair cut. It is just very short. One of the young men in the ward said that I look like an egg. haha gotta love the Chinese bluntness. So I have been scheduling exchanges and meetings trying to figure out what it is that I am supposed to be doing. I bought a binder to organize things so I think that I am OK now. 

   So Elder Darrington and I called all of the new people and welcomed them to the zone. that was kinda fun. We also had a bit of a sad thing happen too. One of the elders that came to the zone from the UK decided that he did not want to remain in HK and that he needed to go home. Some of that is for medical reasons but it was sad none the less. So since I have a British companion we decided to take time one night and have Elder Taylor make an English dinner and then take the elder for a walk. Wile he was doing that I took his native companion to do some missionary work and teach some lessons just to get his mind off of the stress of the medical things that were happening. 

   The ward also had a goodbye party for some of the missionaries that were going home at the end of their service. That was fun, They are good missionaries and will be missed. 

   Also we got to help Lisa be confirmed a member of the Church. So that was really cool. Now we are just working on getting her to go to the temple. 

   Then another one of the young men opened his mission call after church he will be serving in the Sidney south mission English and Mandarin speaking. SO that was really fun to re-live some of that opening the call excitement. 

That is all for this week.
Elder Walker

p.s. also filled up my SD card so that will make my dad happy. 

Latest version of the Tolo Harbor Zone 

This was a ward trip to the beach, Turns out Chinese BBQ is awful and supper sketchy

nice view from the bay

new Lamborghini

standing with dads car 
Garth says this is a 4th generation and we have a 3rd generation but Gordon doesn't know that!

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