Monday, March 13, 2017

2 days 2 servings of chicken feet. Week 82 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well this was an interesting week. I got to go on two exchanges as well. The first one was with Elder Harding. He is great. I love going on exchanges with him and he is a great district leader. The exchange was darkened slightly by the fact that we got a text from his area that said their ward mission leader's mom had passed away. That was sad. Especially because  they are really, really close friends with their ward mission leader. We were however able to have a great discussion about the plan of salvation, which teaches us how families can be together forever. That was nice.

  Then Elder Taylor and I were back together for about 12 hours and we got a call from the assistants and I was invited on an exchange with elder Sargent, who is one of the Assistants to the President. This meant that I was able to check living in the temple apartment off my mission bucket list. That apartment is HUGE! It is at least 4 or 5 times bigger that the one I live in now, It is also Air conditioned constantly. 

   The fun part of this exchange though was the lessons. The first was with a really, really rich woman. Who after the lesson took us out to dim sum. It was a supper fancy restaurant in Festival Walk. She asked if there was anything we didn't want to eat. We said that everything was fine. So one of the dishes she bought was Chicken feet! They were not bad to be honest, They were just really hard to eat, because when I bit it, it would like grab my chin and the toenails were trimmed, however they were not trimmed well. So I would also feel chicken toenail on my cheeks and that was not a good feeling. It tasted fine though. Just not enough meat for the work. That evening we went and taught an investigator family. They were super nice. They had 2 little boys one 10 and one 8. They were super cute. It was a really good lesson. When we were done we were walking away and they came running after us and handed us two huge bags of food! That was nice haha.

   That was a really good exchange. It also made me loose any desire I had to be an Assistant to the President. Way, Way too much paper work. 

   Then this week we had a stake Youth activity. That was a lot of fun. It was for the youth to see what mission life is like. Haha. That was a good time. Part of the activity was taking the youth out finding with us. Which pretty much was just finding by yourself. They were surprised how nervous they were. haha. It reminded me of my first few days in the field.

  Then this last Sunday we went to the mental hospital. That was a good experience. So we found the hospital and then we found the front door. We went in and found that there was some kind of activity going on. So we asked one of the volunteers who directed us to a doctor. We asked him if we could visit our friend. He said that we were not there during visiting hours. We knew we were there at the right time so I looked him dead in the face and said "Do not lie to the servants of God" Then he got all sheepish and said that we had to leave so we decided to not do that. We finally found the desk and asked to see our friend and we were led straight there. We had a great visit and read the Book of Mormon with her. She often goes to our English class. One of the funniest things she said was "there are only three normal people in here. Everyone else has mental illness." haha that was funny. She was also convinced that we were kings in a previous life and therefore had to suffer and be missionaries in this life. That was amusing. 

  Well those were adventures from this week.

Elder Walker

This was our apartment when I was on exchange with Elder Harding.

This is Elder Darrington trying to focus on the movie he was watching in Chinese for language study.

The video is a place we buy groceries from. haha. Don't get that in America. I don't think you can see it but the butchers are smoking. ​

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