Monday, March 6, 2017

Dog Attack. Week 81 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well this was an interesting week. Many things happened. Some were good and some were not so good.

   This week I was able to go to MLC (Mission Leadership Council). That was interesting. It was a 4 hour meeting that was mostly the different zone leaders and Sister Training leaders sharing ideas and struggles that they are having in their zones. This was great and all. Normally the point of this is to get things and inspiration that we then take back to our zones in the form of a zone training. However we got to the second half of the meeting and President Lam stood up and announced that Zone training and Zone conference would be combined and that he wanted us to help him plain it. That went terribly wrong. We ended up really stressed and not knowing what is going to be happening at this meeting. So the stress level was high. In the end we knew that we were going to be giving a training for at least an hour. We will see what happens. That happens next week so we shall see. We are still in the panning stages and are preparing to have our plans dashed by some unforeseen information that will probably be coming our way. In the meantime though we are working with a member to get us a tank of Helium from mainland. apparently it is much much cheaper there. Again, wee shall see.

   I am pleased to report that this last Sunday I was able to go to Lori's baptism! That was fun. In the service she shared a cool story about how she came into contact with the church while living in main land. That was cool. 

   We also had an amazing kids English class this week. Normally we have like 2 kids maybe. This week we had 19. I ended up being the model for the "what kind of clothes do we need to go to America?" game. Those pictures will be attached.

   So to address the title. We were up in the hills looking for this less active man's house. We have been there before but not for a long time and I thought we should go and pay him a visit. Now there is this house that you have to walk by and there is no way around it. In the yard of this house lives a dog. This dog has no teeth, nevertheless it is very vicious. Most of the yard has a fence around it and it is normally too dumb to go around the other side. However this time we were going and we walked past like we normally do. but this time my companion all of a sudden looked be hind us and said "dog". I quickly turned aground to see this dog running up the stairs towards us. I knew there was no way we could run from it. So I let out all the stress and frustration from the last few weeks on this dog, and just pointed and yelled "NO!" several times and we started yelling at it to go home and leave. All in Chinese. It stopped right in its tracks and turned and walked home. So that was a good experience to tuck away for a later time. 

   That is all from this week. 

Elder Walker
My modeling pictures. If anyone wants to hire me just let me know haha.

This is a terrible picture of all of the Zone leaders from our group that were at MLC

This is a really awkward picture of an awkward picture we have from the MTC when we first met each other.

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