Monday, March 27, 2017

Chang Out the Lam Fam. Week 84 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This was an interesting week. A lot of things changed but there were very few adventures. So this week might be a bit dry. 

   So first off the biggest change is that Elder Taylor and I went to the mission office early on Thursday morning and changed companions. He went to Macau, so I can't call him and see how he is doing or tell him any of the cool things that are happening to the investigators here in Tai Po. So he did that and I picked up Elder Winwood. He was in the MTC with me. So that was a hard transition going from a brand new missionary to an old one. We are still adjusting but I think we will have good times. 

   Yesterday was the last Sunday of the month so that means that Elder Ashton and I spent a good amount of time together talking about zone plans and goals and closing out the month and opening the new one. The zone is struggling numbers wise, so we are running around trying to figure out why and see what we can do to fix it. This batch of move calls really scrambled the zone. The Zone has a completely different feel to it. Lots of adjusting after move calls. 

   I almost forgot last p-day before moves we went to Kwai Fong to get some gummy candy for the upcoming general conference. Since we were there we decided to check out this place that sold the backpacks that one of the guys in the zone had. Long story short I ended up buying one. It was super nice. And I figured that I was going to college soon and would need a new backpack haha. So it is tucked away in my suitcase for when I get home. 

   Last night Elder Ashton (I forgot he is the new zone leader and so my new "step companion") and I had the meeting with the stake president. That was a good meeting. He reminded me of myself in that meeting for the first time. I have been here for a long time and so I have a really good idea of what is happening in the stake. Elder Ashton does not. I tried to fill him in but he is new to the area so it was still a little shooting in the dark. The fun thing though is that after the meeting the mission president (President Lam) takes us out to dinner. However this being Sunday we could not do that. So we did a little planning ahead and decided to have President and sister Lam over for dinner. So while we were in the meeting our companions were cooking. We decided to have English chips and fried chicken. That was a lot of fun. They were very impressed that our house was as clean as it was! We cleaned it pretty good before we came over which was good because the houses just get destroyed when moves happen. That was really good fun having them over for dinner. We might do it again next month!

That is all for this week.

Elder Walker

The new apartment Elders with President and Sister Lam

Last picture of the old apartment Elders before moves (I am wearing my old backpack because we are going out the door to the mission office and I have learned that a backpack on moves day comes in quite handy.)   

The ward Gordon is serving in has a Facebook page.  I found this picture there.  Gordon and his new companion Elder Winwood.

The new backpack I got is a sponsor of Formula E which has its Hong Kong grand prix in central in October. That is not why I got it but it was a cool bonus. 

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