Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fong Fei Kei. Week 80 from Hong Kong.

"Fong Fei Kei" in Cantonese is to break a promise, a deal or did not show up for an appointment

Hello all,

   This week sure has been an interesting one. We had about 15 lessons scheduled and confirmed. Then one by one they either all called and canceled re scheduled or did not show up at all, so we ended up at about 7 lessons this week. That was hard. 

   So a few weeks ago the bishop asked us to sing in sacrament meeting. So yesterday was the day and we decided to sing a hymn that they probably did not know because it is not translated into Chinese. I as a joke suggested "If you could hie to Kolob" haha so long story short we sang that in sacrament meeting and the ward members loved it. They were looking for it in the Chinese hymnal to find it but they couldn't haha. 

   Our church building is right next to a Catholic church and on Sunday two guys walked in and asked what time mass started. We told them that the Catholic church was next door but that they were welcome to stay. So they stayed for priesthood class. They were really cool and asked a lot of questions. We will see if anything happens with them. 

   Last p-day we went and played football (Soccer) with some of the Elders from Elder Ian Taylor's group. That was a lot of fun. It was a very hot day and we ended up quite sunburned, and very very sore. I had almost forgotten how bad I am at football (Soccer). 

   I was also able to do an exchange with Elder Stone. He is one of the district leaders in my zone. He is supper cool and a really good missionary. We were able to end the exchange with me doing a baptismal interview for one of his investigators. It was right after church so I did it in one of the bishops offices. The person's name is Lorri. She was awesome and super prepared for her interview. So she will be getting baptized next Sunday.

   We also had the end of the month which means that Elder Darrington and I spent from 7:30 to 9:30 crunching numbers and chasing people for their numbers. It was much smoother this time so that was really nice. 

   All in all this was a rough but rewarding week. 

Elder Walker

This is Iris, who meets with us. She turned 16 this week so we made a pineapple cobbler to give to her and her parents along with some stuff about our church to try and get her parents to like us. It did not work. :(  oh well it was fun anyway.

this is Lorri and the Ma On Shan Elders and me and Elder Taylor

The people we played football with (Soccer) or as elder Taylor sometimes says "footie" 

The red faces afterward

See attached video. It is low volume so turn it up. ​

Elder Taylor's Pants Troubles

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