Sunday, April 30, 2017

Move Calls. Week Week 89 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well this was a week. I am exhausted. I went on two exchanges last week. One with Elder Lee and one with Elder Cobabe. Those were a lot of fun. I love elder Lee. I think I have talked about him here, but he is super funny and is a native from HK. So he gives my Chinese a good workout. He is a super good missionary. The other one with Elder Cobabe was also a lot of fun. I like going to Ma On Shan it is super pretty. While we were there we taught a lesson to a Less Active with Yoshi. After the Lesson Yoshi took us out to lunch. We went to this super good Japanese restaurant and ate until we almost died. The food was AMAZING though. Then for dessert we had some fancy ice cream (Picture attached) Super good day.

   Those days were pretty much back to back so I was exhausted by that point. The rest of the week was pretty normal. We had a good kids English class on Saturday morning. Then Saturday evening we had a ward FHE. That was a lot of fun. They sent us home with a lot of food! We were in charge of the game and we decided to do statues. That was a lot of fun and I think the members liked it. 

   Other than that it was a pretty normal week. I did a lot of paperwork last night to close the month and open the new one. Then we got our move calls. I will be moving to Tin Sui Wa. Way north and Way on the other side of the mission. So that will be interesting. I will be junior companion under a guy I don't know very well. He goes home in 6 weeks so that will be the first companion that I kill. (when missionaries go home they say they "die" or in other words, their mission is complete) Should be an interesting move. It is also strange that the sisters that I met at the end of my time in the MTC are going home this Thursday. That means that I am an OLD missionary.   

Elder Walker
 me and Elder Cobabe ice cream

Yoshi and his girlfriend 

Elder Smith and his taahm ji bib to avoid the spots on his white shirt

statue game at FHE

The following pictures of the Ward Family Home Evening or FHE were posted on the
Tai Po ward's Facebook page.


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