Monday, April 10, 2017

20 Years old. Week 86 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This was an interesting week. This last Tuesday we had MLC which is all of the Sister Training leaders and the Zone Leaders and the Assistants and President Lam getting together and talking about how we can improve the mission and discussing the problems that we are facing in all of our different areas. That was a great meeting. A great add was also lunch. It was Taco Salad!!!!!!! That was so good! I have not had corn chips in a long time. So essentially we had nachos. That was amazing I have not had that in a very, very long time.

   Then on Thursday I went on exchange with Elder Chen. That was a lot of fun. We used to be companions so is was just putting the dream team back together. I went to Ma On Shan while we were there we had a member invite us over for lunch. That was nice but it was one of those "they shove an insane amount of food down your neck and there is no way you can finish it all kind of lunches." But the food was nice and we thanked her. 

  The best part of the week though was probably General Conference! The way we watch it is instead of two hours before each session there is only one hour in between. This is because most people go to the chapel to watch. All of the sessions were great. I especially liked the priesthood session. I am going to download all of the talks and listen to them as we get ready in the morning. It was also kinda strange that President Monson was not at 2 of the session's. I guess that is what happens when you are an apostle for 50 or so years. 

   This Saturday was also my birthday! I am now 20 years old!!! That is super weird. I made a video sitting at my desk about that day and stuff. I only told a few people but everyone found out and we had a great time between the session's. Yoshi got me a Thomas the Tank Engine book in Chinese Characters because he knows I like that and to practice reading Chinese. That was super cool he is the best! I am proud to have spent the whole of my 19th year of life in the dedicated full time service of my God. I have been changed in ways that I never would have anticipated and all for the better. (Except for spelling. That has gotten much worse.) 

Love you all and hope every one has a great week!
Elder Walker 

Yoshi and I

Birthday Cake!
Nice Photo Bomb by his Companion!

Me and Elder Chen

Gordon's Birthday Message

Haircuts at night

Quick view of Birthday Dinner

Singing Happy Birthday

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